Hanmi Nage: Or in English, No 1 Most difficult technique…..


Here is a great photo of Katsuyuki Kondo Sensei doing “Hanmi Nage”.  This throw is very difficult to master.  In fact it is so difficult that at Kondo Sensei’s Hombu dojo you will get to practice this every session…..

Many of the techniques in Daito Ryu are in ‘Seiza’, which is kneeling down position.  This technique is from kneeling down versus standing up. (Hanza Handachi). Obviously it is harder to defend an attack from a person standing up when we are kneeling down.  In Daito Ryu we train techniques that were used in the Palace. The syllabus reflects this. In ancient times when in the Palace Samurai had to operate in Seiza.  Thus many ‘attacks’ had to be considered and defended whilst in any situation, location or position. Why train these techniques in modern times? Good Question.  When moving from our knees we effectively lose the real use of our legs and movement must be more from our centre. I believe this helps our standing techniques.  Also these techniques are challenging to work on as even just operating from this position can be painful until our bodies are conditioned. Its easy to give up.  I am still not certain what drives a person in this day and age to pursue a traditional art. When it is possible to live in relevant comfort and ease.  Why train in an ancient art that forces us to endure these difficult techniques?  All I know is that practicing these ancient techniques gives me a window into an era long gone.   Practicing this difficult technique and persevering to master it gives me a connection to what it may have been like all those hundreds of years ago.

There is something very powerful in this.

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