Link to Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Headquarters

Hi Everyone,

I have been advised to publish this.   Please follow the link and click on ‘Oceania’.

Daito Ryu Headquarters Homepage-locations-click on Oceania Please

I hope this clarifies things for some people.

My teacher Kondo Sensei says ‘Budo and life are the same”.  He is a wonderful teacher and inspiration to live a life of honour, integrity and to be of service to society.  He leads by example and a life dedicated to Budo and service to others.

I look forward to many years of teaching and passing forward this ancient art of Daito Ryu AIki Jujutsu. Daito Ryu is the root of many other martial arts.  Much more than a collection of techniques, Daito Ryu is ‘Budo’.

The purpose of our training is to improve ourselves as human beings in mind, body and spirit.  Not just learn techniques to defeat an opponent.  Our biggest opponent is ourselves and Budo is a way to mastery of yourself.  This is the difference. Ryu Home page Locations