Daitokan-Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu

Welcome to our new website, new dojo and the first regular Daito Ryu Study group with weekly classes in Sydney Australia.

For years I have traveled to Japan to study and train in this ancient art.  Now it is with great pleasure I share this art to the best of my ability. We are a ‘Study Group’. There is an important difference to note here. This is because in Japan my level is not normally of a level permitted to teach. The situation is a little different here in Australia.  It is more a sharing of what little I have learnt so far.  And believe you me, when you train with a Master of the like of Kondo Sensei who holds a “Menkyo Kaiden”  (complete transmission) My knowledge really is very, very  small. Nonetheless with Kondo Sensei’s permission and encouragement I started this group to share my limited knowledge and be able to continue my training here in Australia.

I received this in the post yesterday.  I was too excited not to share it and it coincides with our new website

Daitokan Certificate